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Why you should choose a Candy Station for your next event

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Why you should choose a Candy Station for your next event​

You might think a Candy Station only serves one purpose, which is to provide some extra snacks for your guests, but this is not the case. Candy Stations can serve many purposes, and below we explore the reasons why you should strongly consider a Candy Station for your next event:

Thank you gifts / favours

Why not have buckets or boxes available and allow your guests to take the candy home to enjoy the next day? Let’s face it, most guests at a wedding or event will have one bite too many and thus they won’t enjoy a candy buffet at the end of the evening. A Candy Station then becomes a great and cost-effective gift that they can enjoy after the event.

Eye candy

Not only does the candy serve as a yummy treat, but it can also be a beautiful focus point that forms part of your overall decor for the day. Most Candy Stations are framed by a stunning backdrop and extravagant balloon arches which can really become a feature at your event. You can even have candy that goes with your theme, which means it is one more place to really go all out with your decor elements.

Something different

If you are bored of the plain old cake at every party (or maybe you are just not a cake person), then a Candy Station can be a great alternative. It is also a fun way to have guests interact with food, and can even serve a bit of an entertainment purpose at your event as well. 

Can save you money

Some cakes (especially wedding cakes) can cost thousands of Rands. A Candy Station can cost as little as R50 per guest, which means it works out much cheaper, and can even double as a thank-you gift. A Candy Station can also replace your dessert, which means you will spend less on catering at the end of the day.

Can be an addition to your dessert

On the other hand, if budget is not a problem, then a Candy Station can be just that something extra to make your dessert less boring. We are all tired of having chocolate mousse and fruit salad, so a bit of variety definitely can’t hurt! Pair it with a sundae / ice cream bar and you have yourself a winning combination.

Adds to the food experience

Food experiences have become a big thing at events, and a Candy Station can be the first step to create a magical experience at your event. Who would not love to fill a container with all their favourite sweets for their personal enjoyment?


Taking the above into consideration, can you truly afford not to have a Candy Station at your next event? 


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