Stationery Design

From ‘Save the Dates’ up until the ‘Thank You Cards’, we will design trendy stationery to fit with your theme.​

A paper or digital


Many people will agree that receiving a physical invitation to a wedding or event will set the tone for what’s to come, but even a modern wedding website can cause a wave of excitement to take hold of your guests. The great news is that Luminesce Events can assist with the above, and more!

We make sure to design cohesive stationery elements for your wedding or event, including everything from a website, invitation, menu, seating chart, name cards. welcome board, and much, much more.

We also know that presentation plays an important role, and we take this into consideration when designing your stationery.

from floral to funky...

a unique design for you

Stationery is a must for any event! Get in touch and allow our designs to ‘wow’ you.